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The representation of the Negev in the public discourse in Israel : from the conquest of the desert to sustainable development

Derimian, Ilanit,;
  • Published: 05 Jul 2014
  • Publisher: HAL CCSD
  • Country: France
The Negev desert occupies most of the territory of the State of Israel, having a strategic importance for the existence of the "center" and at the same time it is considered as a natural wild “periphery”. This region has a symbolic value with different charges, positive and negative. It is considered as a spiritual space where the Hebrew people were constituted, but it is also associated with the exile which threatens the continuation of the nation existence. Since the 1920s, there was a tendency to "conquer" the desert and "flourish" it. Nevertheless, since the 1980s, the tendency is to develop it according to ecological values, while preserving its natural cha...
free text keywords: Spatial identity, Negev, Desert, Ecocriticism, Ideology and culture, Discourse analysis, Social activism, Globalization, Center-Periphery, Centre-Périphérie, Mondialisation, Militantisme social, Analyse du discours, Idéologie et culture, Ecocritique, Identité spatiale, Néguev, Désert, [SHS.SOCIO]Humanities and Social Sciences/Sociology
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