Nguo-nyingi Mkoti: Mwanzishaji wa mji wa Ngoji (Angoche)

Article Swahili OPEN
Schadeberg, Thilo C.;
  • Subject: Swahili; Moçambique; Mündliche Literatur | Swahili, Koti, afrikanische Oratur, Ursprungsmythen, Koti Inseln | Swahili, Koti, african orature, Koti Island, creation myths
    • ddc: ddc:496

The title of this paper gives three variants of what historically is the same name: Koti = the present-day indigenous name of Koti Island; Ngoji = the older form of the same name; Angoche = the official name of the town, adapted from the name of the AKoti peopl... View more
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