Janzanda ya njozi katika baadhi ya mashairi ya Euphrase Kezilahabi

Article Swahili OPEN
Acquaviva, Graziella;
  • Subject: Swahili; Kezilahabi; Euphrase; Versdichtung; Traumbild | Swahili, Poesie, Euphrase Kezilahabi, Traumbilder, Psychoanalyse | Swahili, poetry, Eurphrase Kezilahabi, oneiric images, psychoanalysis
    • ddc: ddc:496

This article is based upon the following concept: Poetry is a chain of representation of the sub-conscience that is the creative source. We can read the poetic text in many ways, but if we imagine the text as the stage of images, we can understand the fundamental abstra... View more
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