Human Stem Cell Exposure to Developmental Stage Zebrafish Extracts: a Novel Strategy for Tuning Stemness and Senescence Patterning

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S. Canaider; M. Maioli; F. Facchin; E. Bianconi; S. Santaniello; G. Pigliaru; L. Ljungberg; F. Burigana; F. Bianchi; E. Olivi; C. Tremolada; P. M. Biava; C. Ventura.;
  • Subject: ADULT STEM CELL | Developmental Stage Zebrafish Extracts | CELL SENESCENCE

BACKGROUND: Zebrafish exhibits extraordinary ability for tissue regeneration. Despite growing investigations dissecting the molecular underpinning of such regenerative potential, little is known about the possibility to use the chemical inventory of the zebrafish embryo... View more
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