Reducing the Lift-Off Effect on Permeability Measurement for Magnetic Plates From Multifrequency Induction Data

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Lu, Mingyang; Zhu, Wenqian; Yin, Liyuan; Peyton, Anthony J.; Yin, Wuliang; Qu, Zhigang;
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.1109/TIM.2017.2728338
  • Subject: eddy current testing | lift-off variation | Inductance | Permeability measurement | Permeability | Frequency measurement | Impedance | magnetic plate | /dk/atira/pure/subjectarea/asjc/3100/3105 | Electrical Engineering and Systems Science - Signal Processing | /dk/atira/pure/subjectarea/asjc/2200/2208 | Eddy currents | permeability measurement. | Electrical and Electronic Engineering | Instrumentation | New compensation algorithm

<p>Lift-off variation causes errors in eddy current measurement of nonmagnetic plates as well as magnetic plates. For nonmagnetic plates, previous work has been carried out to address the issue. In this paper, we follow a similar strategy, but try to reduce the lift-off... View more
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