Forms of address in Isizulu

Doctoral thesis OPEN
  • Subject: Zulu languages - Address, Forms of.

M.A. (African Studies) The study deals with forms of address in isiZulu. Therefore, the various aspects of speech that play roles when addressing a person, the factors affecting forms of address in isiZulu and the effect of languages such as English, Afrikaans and other African languages on the forms of address in isiZulu are of interest. Research was conducted on forms of address in isiZulu in parts of Soweto and it was discovered that form of address are determined by different factors in a given situation and the influence of a variety of languages. The data was collected from: 1. Books on forms of address in other languages. 2. Recorded conversations and discussions. 3. Recorded television and radio programmes. In each chapter, sub-categories of addressing people, their use and factors determining them are highlighted.
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