A comparative study of detrital zircon ages from river sediment and rocks of the Karoo Supergroup (Late Carboniferous to Jurassic), Eastern Cape Province, South Africa : implications for the tectono-sedimentary evolution of Gondwanaland’s southern continental margin

Doctoral thesis OPEN
  • Subject: River sediments - South Africa - Eastern Cape | Sedimentary rocks - South Africa - Eastern Cape | Zircon - South Africa - Eastern Cape | Karoo Supergroup | Gondwana (Continent)

M.Sc. (Geology) The Mzimvubu River, situated in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa, drains essentially strata of the Late Carboniferous to Jurassic Karoo Supergroup with minor intersection of the underlying Devonian Msikaba Formation near the mouth of the rive... View more
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