Effects of nano-zinc oxide based paint on weathering performance of coated wood

Conference object English OPEN
Can, Ahmet ; Sivrikaya, Hüseyin (2014)
  • Publisher: Salzburg University of Applied Sciences
  • Subject: Ahşap kaplama | Coating | Colour change | Accelerating weathering | Nano-ZnO | Brightnes
    mesheuropmc: technology, industry, and agriculture

Nano-sized zinc oxide (ZnO) was chosen as a suitable candidate for the UV-protection of coatings. The accelerated weathering performances of Scots pine coated with wood paint mixed with nano- ZnO were investigated. Uncoated specimens, specimens coated with only nano-ZnO and nano-zinc oxide based paint were used as references. This work describes the effect of the nanoparticles and paint performance on accelerated weathering performance of coated specimens. 1 ml and 3 ml nano-zinc oxide is added into the 1 ml and 3 ml paint particularly. The samples were exposed to an accelerated weathering test for duration of 22 days in a QUV cabin for 18 minutes and a two-hour ultraviolet (UV) cycle. Colour change and brightness were measurement was used to investigate to change after several intervals (0-4-10-14-22 days) in accelerated weathering of coated and uncoated wood. In general, while the addition of nano-ZnO put in paint negative effects on color change, total color change of wood samples which exposed to nano-ZnO subsequent to paint less than uncoated wood. Addition of nano-ZnO slightly increased brightness compared to paint and uncoated samples.
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