High Power RF Coupler for the CW-Linac Demonstrator at GSI

Conference object English OPEN
Heilmann, Manuel ; Amberg, Michael ; Podlech, Holger ; Schwarz, Malte ; Yaramyshev, Stepan ; Aulenbacher, Kurt ; Barth, Winfried ; Basten, Markus ; Blank, Robin ; Busch, Marco ; Dziuba, Florian ; Gettmann, Viktor ; Miski-Oglu, Maksym (2017)

The planned super-heavy element (SHE) research project investigates heavy ions near the coulomb barrier in future experiments. A superconducting (sc) continuous wave (cw) CH-Linac Demonstrator was developed and installed behind the High Charge State Injector (HLI) at GSI Darmstadt, Germany. In future the advanced cw-LINAC setup, with several CH-cavities, will accelerates the heavy ion beam from HLI with an energy of 1.4 MeV/u up to 3.5 - 7.3 MeV/u. The RF power of several kW will be coupled capacitively into the CH-cavities with minimal reflection at an operation frequency of 217 MHz. Two ceramic windows (Al2O3) are installed inside the RF coupler, to reduce the premature contamination of the cavity and as an additional vacuum barrier. The CH-cavity will be operated at cryogenic temperature (4 K) and will be increased to room temperature along the RF coupler. The optimally adapted RF coupler design, providing minimal RF losses and simultaneously maximal performance, was optimized by electromagnetic simulations. An RF coupler design with a reflection-free RF adaptor as well as the temperature distribution along the coupler will be presented.
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