Životní jubileum RNDr. Tadeáše Czudka, DrSC

Article Czech OPEN
Hrádek, M. (Mojmír) (2012)
  • Subject: jubilee | Dr. Czudek | geomorphologist

Dr.Tadeaš Czudek,DrSc is an eminent Czech geomorphologist who turned eighty on April 1st, 2012. In years 1956 - 1993 he worked in the Institute of Geography of the Czechoslovak Academy of Science in Brno, part of this time as head of departement of geomorphology. He was interesting in periglacial and climatic geomorphology particularly in development of planation surfaces and specially cryopediments and significance of permafrost. He published more than 240 papers and other works and participace in a number of conferences and longer study visits in abrod (Russia, Germany, Sweden etc.).
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