SVM Support in the Vienna Fortran Compilation System

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Brezany, Peter ; Gerndt, Michael ; Sipkova, Viera (1994)
  • Publisher: Zentralinstitut für Angewandte Mathematik

Vienna Fortran, a machine-independent language extension to Fortran which allows the user to write programs for distributed-memory systems using global addresses, provides the forall-loop construct for specifying irregular computations that do not cause inter-iteration dependences. Compilers for distributed-memory systems generate code that is based on runtime analysis techniques and is only efficient if, in addition, aggressive compile-time optimizations are applied. Since these optimizations are difficult to perform we propose to generate shared virtual memory code instead that can benefit from appropriate operating system or hardware support. This paper presents the shared virtual memory code generation, compares both approaches and gives first performance results.
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