Historismus in der Erwachsenenbildung und auf Reisen

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Glaubitz, Gerald (2008)
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Historismus in der Erwachsenenbildung und auf Reisen This article deals with the area of adult education in connection with educational trips, a topic painfully neglected by the didactics of history so far. After outlining the latest developments in research and the relevance of the object of research, the dimension of the concept of 'histourism' will be examined more closely. A short but clear distinction from other academic disciplines such as tourism research or pedagogy of travelling will follow. Special emphasis will be laid on differentiating the presented concept from that of commercial mass tourism. This is then followed by outlining the approach on the historical and political didactics of educational trips, which was amongst others, developed by the author also. It is based upon the tradition of the humanitarian pedagogy by Erich Weniger and is oriented towards the idea of 'lifelong learning'. This article implies that in dealing with historical topics - in seminars preparing a journey or on the journey as such - the partipants' analysis of their own history is encouraged. The result should then be a process of discourse within in the travelling party und with the tour organiser ('elucidation of the lived life'). The final part gives a short outlook on possible 'histourical' projects which could be promising working fields within the area of the didactics of history.
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