Photosynthetic characteristics of lichens of genus Umbilicaria from SW Greenland (Nuuk area) in reponse to thallus dehydration.

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Barták Miloš; Hansen Eric; Hazdrová Jana; Skácelová Kateřina; Trnková Kateřina; Prošek Pavel;
  • Publisher: Jagellonian University,
  • Subject: lichens Arctics photosynthesis desiccation | lišejníky Arktida fotosyntéza vysychání

Thalli of foliose epilithic lichens Umbilicaria arctica and U.hyperborea were collected on the rocks at several locations in the neighbourhood of Nuuk, and transported to the Czech Republic where kept in dry state in dark at 5 oC before experiments. After 48 h rehydrati... View more
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