The role of international policy transfer within the Multiple Streams Approach: the case of smart electricity metering in Australia

Article English OPEN
Lovell, Heather (2016)
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.1111/padm.12259
  • Subject: Multiple Streams Approach | smart metering | policy transfer | assemblage | Australia

This paper draws on Kingdon’s Multiple Streams Approach (MSA) to consider international flows of policy, not just domestic. It is argued that using the MSA in conjunction with international policy transfer and mobility theories allows for a fuller explanation of the development of smart electricity metering policy in Australia. The MSA is based originally on empirical research within a single country - the USA - in the late 1970s, and all three of the ‘streams’ identified as important to policy change - problems, politics and policy - are conceptualised as domestic. Whilst recent scholarship has broadened the application of the MSA beyond nation-state boundaries, it is argued that there is scope to further develop such ideas. In particular, the notion of policy mobility is introduced to capture issues about the globalisation of policy, the role of non-state actors and the material substance of policy.
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