Monumental Architecture of Late Intermediate Period Cuzco: Continuities of Ritual Reciprocity and Statecraft between the Middle and Late Horizons

Article Spanish; Castilian OPEN
McEwan, Gordon; Gibaja, Arminda; Chatfield, Melissa;
  • Publisher: Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú
  • Subject: Archaeology | Chokepukio; Cuzco; Late Intermediate Period; Middle Horizon; Wari; Lucre; Muina; Inca; Architecture | Arqueología | Chokepukio; Cuzco; Periodo Intermedio Tardío; Horizonte Medio; Wari; Lucre; Muina; Inca; Arquitectura

The culture history of the valley of Cuzco prior to the rise of the Incas is being revealed by twelve years of fieldwork at the site of Chokepukio. Located in the Lucre Basin at the eastern end of the valley, Chokepukio contains the only surviving monumental architectur... View more
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