From The Mountain To The Sea: Exchange Between The South-Central Highlands And The South Coast During The Early Horizon Period

Article Spanish; Castilian OPEN
Young, Michelle;
  • Publisher: Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú
  • Subject: interaction; long-distance exchange; obsidian; cinnabar; geochemical sourcing; Paracas; Early Horizon period; Chavín | interacción; intercambio de larga distancia; obsidiana; cinabrio; abastecimiento geoquímico; Paracas; período del Horizonte Temprano; Chavín

This article reviews the evidence of the exchange of obsidian and cinnabar, highly coveted resources that traveled in prehistoric Peru from the south-central highlands to the Paracas culture area. The evidence for exchange of these materials is compared with evidence of... View more
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