Sexual Politics and Production of Knowledge on Gender and (Homo)Sexualities in Brazil

Article Portuguese OPEN
Facchini, Regina; Daniliauskas, Marcelo; Pilon, Ana Cláudia;
  • Publisher: Universidade Federal do Ceará
  • Subject: LGBT Movement | Sexuality Studies | Women | Gender and Feminisms Studies | LGBT Public Policies | History of Science. | Movimento LGBT | Estudos de Sexualidade | Estudos sobre Mulheres | Gênero e Feminismos | Políticas Públicas – LGBT | História da Ciência

Th is article seeks to situate actors and events that permeate the recent trajectory of the studies related to sexuality in Brazil, paying attention to their connection with women, gender and feminisms studies. Considering this, situates relations with broader political... View more
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