Stem cells: limitations and opportunities in Peru

Article Spanish; Castilian OPEN
Amiel-Pérez, José; Laboratorio de Cultivos Celulares, Universidad Científica del Sur. Lima, Perú.; Casado, Fanny; Stem Cell and Cancer Research Institute, McMaster University. Hamilton, Canadá.;
  • Publisher: Instituto Nacional de Salud
  • Identifiers: doi: 10.17843/rpmesp.2015.324.1772
  • Subject: Stem cells; Regenerative medicine; Tissue engineering | Células madre; Medicina regenerativa; Ingeniería de tejidos

Stem cells are defined as rare cells that are characterized by asymmetric division, a process known as self-renewal, and the potential to differentiate into more than one type of terminally differentiated cell. There is a diversity of stem cells including embryonic stem... View more