Technical evaluation of two methods for composting of organic wastes to be used in domestic vegetables gardens

Article Spanish; Castilian OPEN
Campos-Rodríguez, Rooel; Brenes-Peralta, Laura Patricia; Jiménez-Morales, María Fernanda;
  • Publisher: Editorial Tecnológica de Costa Rica
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.18845/tm.v29i8.2982
  • Subject: Composting; organic waste; family farming; home vegetable gardens; mountain microorganisms; Takakura method | Compostaje; residuos biodegradables; agricultura familiar; huertas caseras; microorganismos de montaña; método Takakura

The need to achieve organic waste management solutions has led to treatment options of waste like composting. This practice is defined as the transformation of organic wastes by biological means in controlled conditions; the result is a fertilizer or substrate which can... View more
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