Análisis fitoquímico y efecto sinérgico protector de las hojas de minthostachys mollis y malva sylvestris sobre la mucosa gástrica de rattus rattus var. albinus

Doctoral thesis Spanish; Castilian OPEN
Castillo Saavedra, Ericson Félix;
  • Publisher: Universidad Nacional de Trujillo
  • Subject: Minthostachys mollis, Análisis fitoquímico, Malva sylvestris l, Efecto sinérgico, Mucosa gástrica

The peptic ulcer is a lesion that affects an area of the gastrointestinal mucose usually in the stomach or duodenum produced by a disbalance between defensives and protects factors. This report was oriented on determinating phytochemistry of Minthostachys mollis (Kunth)... View more
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