Influence Of Socioeconomic Clinical And Demographic Variables On Caries Experience Of Preschool Children In Piracicaba, Sp

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Cortellazzi K.L. ; Tagliaferro E.P.S. ; Assaf A.V. ; Tafner A.P.M.F. ; Ambrosano G.M.B. ; Bittar T.O. ; Meneghim M.C. ; Pereira A.C. (2009)

AIM: To evaluate the influence of socioeconomic, clinical and demographic variables on caries experience in 5-year-old preschool children in Piracicaba. METHODOLOGY: The sample consisted of 728 children attending 22 public (n=428) and 18 private (n=300) preschools. Dental caries was measured using the dmft/dmfs indexes and by detecting initial caries lesion (IL). Gingivitis, crowding, spacing, fluorosis and mouth breathing were also recorded. The socioeconomic variables (monthly family income, number of people living in the household, parents' educational level, home ownership and car ownership) were collected by means of a semi structured questionnaire answered by the children's parents. RESULTS: The mean (standard deviation) values for dmft and dmfs indexes were 1.30 (2.47) and 3.08 (7.55) respectively; and 62.2% of the children were caries-free. The mean (standard deviation) values for dmft+LI and dmfs+LI were 1.72 (3.36) and 3.45 (7.94), respectively and 59.7% were caries-free. By means of multiple logistic regression analyses, children with fluorosis (OR=0.40) or family income > 4 minimum wages (OR=0.49) presented lower probabilility of having caries experience. Those with gingivitis (OR=1.87) were more prone to having the disease. Considering the diagnostic threshold including IL, the multiple logistic regression analyses showed that children with fluorosis (OR=0.39) or family income > 4 minimum wages (OR=0.52) were less prone to having caries. Those with gingivitis (OR=1.80), crowding (OR=2.63 e OR=1.01) or mouth breathing (OR=1.37) presented more probability of having the disease. CONCLUSION: The preschool children who presented gingivitis, crowding, mouth breathing or monthly family income £ 4 minimum wages had more probability of having caries experience. Thus, it would be essential to plan preventive and operative caries control actions targeting these children.
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