Steam reforming, partial oxidation, and oxidative steam reforming of ethanol over Pt/CeZrO2 catalyst

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Noronha, Fábio Bellot (2008)
  • Subject: Oxidative steam reforming of ethanol and | Fuel cell | Partial oxidation of ethanol | Pt/CeZrO2 catalyst | Hydrogen production | Steam reforming of ethanol
    mesheuropmc: food and beverages | complex mixtures | humanities | inorganic chemicals | health care economics and organizations

The catalytic performance of a Pt/CeZrO2 catalyst was tested for ethanol decomposition, steam reforming, partial oxidation, and oxidative steam reforming. At low temperature, the catalyst underwent significant deactivation during ethanol decomposition and steam reforming reactions. Co-feeding oxygen decreased the deactivation rate of the catalyst but adversely affected the selectivity to hydrogen.
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