Seeking a CP-odd Higgs boson via h→ηc,bℓ+ℓ−

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Bečirević, Damir; Melić, Blaženka; Patra, Monalisa; Sumensari, Olcyr;

We show that the decay rates of the Higgs boson to a pseudoscalar quarkonium and a pair of leptons, <math><mi>h</mi><mo>→</mo><mi>P</mi><msup><mo>ℓ</mo><mo>+</mo></msup><msup><mo>ℓ</mo><mo>−</mo></msup></math> (<math><mi>P</mi><mo>∈</mo><mo>{</mo><msub><mi>η</mi><mi>c</... View more
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