Containment nuclear plant structures evaluation by non destructive testing: strategy and results

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GARNIER, Vincent; HENAULT, Jean-Marie; HAFID, Hamid; VERDIER, Jérôme; CHAIX, Jean François; ABRAHAM, Odile; SBARTAÏ, Zoubir Medhi; BALAYSSAC, Jean Pierre; PIWAKOWSKI, Bogdan; VILLAIN, Géraldine; DEROBERT, Xavier; PAYAN, Cédric; RAKOTONARIVO, Sandrine; LAROSE, Eric; SOGBOSSI, Hognon; VU, Quang Anh; LOTT, Martin; LEGLAND, Jean-Baptiste; DURAND, Olivier; DRELICH, Radoslaw; CICCARONE, C;
  • Publisher: HAL CCSD
  • Subject: CONCRETE | BETON | DURABILITY | CONTROLE NON DESTRUCTIF | DURABILITE | [SPI]Engineering Sciences [physics] | [ PHYS.MECA ] Physics [physics]/Mechanics [physics] | [PHYS.MECA]Physics [physics]/Mechanics [physics] | NDT

TINCE 2016, Technological Innovations in Nuclear Civil Engineering , PARIS, FRANCE, 06-/09/2017 - 09/09/2017; Containment nuclear plants structures are an ultimate barrier in the event of an accident. Mechanical resistance and tightness are the two functions that they a... View more
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