Evaluation of the dental status and identification of factors influencing oral health for the purpose of the periodontal disease prophylaxis in dogs

Master thesis Lithuanian OPEN
Vilimaitė, Ilona (2016)
  • Publisher: Institutional Repository of Lithuanian University of Health Sciences
  • Subject: Plaque disclosing solution ; calculus ; gingivitis ; periodontal disease ; dental prophylaxis
    mesheuropmc: stomatognathic diseases | stomatognathic system

The objective of this research was to evaluate dental status and identify oral health influencing factors for the purpose of periodontal disease prophylaxis in dogs. The research took place between March 2015 - October 2015 at LSMU Dr. Leono Kriauceliuno smalll animal clinic and other, named “X”, “Y”, “Z”. Measures used in research: questionnaire, examination protocol, dental plaque disclosing solution „REVEAL“. The dogs dental status in dogs was examined visually, by OHI, QHT, MRCI, MGI indices. The results were processed by using computer statistical applications such as Microsoft Excel and SPSS. The data considered to be reliable at p<0,05. It has been determined that all examined dogs had different severity dental problems. We also found that there is a correlation between halitosis, calculus and gingivitis. Eliminating the dogs owner as one of the controlling factors, we noticed that the majority of all examined dogs were of 6-8 year old, males, small proportional size and had a specific breed. We found, that the majority of all examined dogs received combination of food, which major part consisted of dry commercial meals. Also, the majority of dogs received some chews a few times per month and that the majority of the dogs never received teeth brushing at home or professional dental prophylaxis at the veterinary clinic. Taking account of the dogs dental status and placing the dogs owner as a controlled and uncontrolled variable in the research, it was determined that there is a high relationship between dental status and age, size of the dog, the rate of chews receiving, the frequency of teeth brushing at home and professional dental prophy clinics. The results show that the dogs dental condition in periodontal disease prophylaxis is highly dependable on the dogs owner.
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