Surface treatment of reinforced cement concrete mixtures of hpcm type

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Vyrozhemsky, V. ; Krayushkina, K. (2006)
  • Publisher: Харьковский национальный автомобильно-дорожный университет
  • Journal: Вестник Харьковского национального автомобильно-дорожного университета (issn: 2219-5548)
  • Subject: тонкошарове покриття, бетонна суміш, фібра

One of the most perspective ways of pavement roughness and durability improvement is the arrangement of thin cement concrete layer surface treatment reinforced with different types of fiber. The name of this material is known abroad as HPCM (High Performance Cementious Materials) durable thin layer concrete pavement in a thickness of 1 cm, dispersion-like reinforced with metal or polymer fibers. To enhance bind properties the stone material grade 3 7mm is applied on the top of concrete surface. HPCM is a new type of thin layer pavement the arrangement of thin layer on the top of a flexible pavement as a substrate provides improvement of bind properties of the existing pavement and is the innovation in Ukraine. Disperse-like reinforcement due to the introduction of fiber increases strength, shear resistance and durability of wearing carpet.
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