Sochi the winner in the battle for the Olympic Games 2014

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Barabanova, V. (2013)
  • Publisher: Общество с ограниченной ответственностью "Издательский Дом "Академия Естествознания"
  • Journal: Международный журнал экспериментального образования (issn: 1996-3947)

The Olympic Games provide a powerful impetus to the economic and socio-cultural development of the country, but also contribute to its standing in the international arena. For ENGsia, the Olympics will not only become a milestone in terms of image, but also will greatly increase the status of the city of Sochi and the country, will have a powerful impact on the development of the Krasnodar region and the economy as a whole, attract a lot of sponsors to collaborate, both domestic and foreign. The value of games in Sochi for our people fi rst of all means the formation of national guidelines in the fi eld of sports, to unite people with one common goal and the opportunity to prove that the fate of the national sport, as well as all other areas of life for the population of the state is imp.
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