The combined effect of complex mixes of poisons on the organism of white rats in 30-day round-the-clock inhalation and measures of biological prevention

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  • Publisher: «East West» Association for Advanced Studies and Higher Education GmbH
  • Journal: European science review (issn: 2310-5577)

The direction of “biological prevention” in the field of hygiene of the environment, which is understood as the complex of measures directed to the increase in resistance of individual person and population to exposure of harmful factors of the industrial and ambient environment, are increasingly being developed over the last years. For biopreventive maintenance only the means are used harmless at long application in preventive effective dosage. In this context in the industrial towns for residents of ecologically unfavourable territories there are used pectin, glutamate, adaptogenes of vegetative origin and additives containing calcium, iodine, iron, cuprum, various vitamins and some aminoacids as bioprotectors.
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