Polyester Apparel Cutting Waste as Insulation Material

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Trajković, Dušan ; Jordeva, Sonja ; Tomovska, Elena ; Zafirova, Koleta (2017)

Polyester waste is the dominant component of the clothing industry waste stream, yet its recycling in this industry is rarely addressed. This paper proposes using polyester cutting waste as an insulation blanket for roofing and buildings’ internal walls in order to reduce environmental pollution. The designed textile structures used waste cuttings from different polyester fabrics without opening the fabric to fibre. Thermal insulation, acoustic insulation, fire resistance and biodegradation of the new insulation structure were investigated and compared to commercial insulation materials. Standard investigation methods were modified to fit the samples voluminous nature. The coefficient of thermal conductivity ranged between 0.0520 and 0.0603 W/mK. The achieved sound absorption with NRC ranging from 54.71 to 74.77%, surpassing standard commercially used insulators. The insulating structure did not conduct flame, the radius of impaired place was 1.60–2 cm while the depth was 0.4–1.3 cm, and showed lack of biodegradability, with loss of mass ranging from 0 to 0.3%.
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