Leadership side in changing strategic creation of firms

Doctoral thesis OPEN
Malinovska, Elizabeta (2013)
  • Subject: Economics and business

The research of this master paper focuses on the strategic leadership or the role that the strategic leadership plays when creating strategic changes within companies. Particular matters that this paper considers refer to concepts of leadership and strategic leadership which may be found in countries with developed market economies and enormous knowledge and experience in management, furthermore it is the concepts of strategic management which the leadership becomes vital element of within any phases of the management process as well as the role of the leaders in the strategic management processes. This study aims to reveal how special the role of the strategic leadership and the leader is when creating the strategic changes within companies based on the theoretical concepts on leadership; moreover, to discover possibilities for the implementation of these concepts by our companies. This study has analysed a great number of leadership competences but particular attention has been drawn on the following aspects: (1) vision and leadership; (2) differences in leadership competences to management competences; (3) organisational leadership; (4) leadership evaluation; and (5) different leadership models and styles analysis, which are closely related to strategic changes. It is evident among post-transitional counties where our country, the Republic of Macedonia also belongs that the companies operate in a more proclaimed democratic way under circumstances of plural societies and market economy. Due to many difficulties that the companies face in transforming their capital and the ownership relations thereof the performance of leadership has been challenged by many complex conditions and situations. Subject to these circumstances and particular considering the Balkan mentality and culture of this region may result in creating a type of “Balkan Leadership” the fundamentals whereof are based on the manipulative tactics for creating power. However, it is worth mentioning hereto that these “Balkan Leaders” as being a king of atypical individuals, there are among them leaders who have enormous qualities and are competent with their enthusiasm and enormous eager to prove their qualities may step beyond everyday practices and achieve admirable results. Key words: the researsh, competences,vision, transforming, models, styles, stekeholders
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