Human factors influencing decision making

External research report OPEN
Jacobs, Patricia A. (1998)
  • Publisher: Monterey, California. Naval Postgraduate School

This report supplies references and comments on literature that identifies human factors influencing decision making, particularly military decision making. The literature has been classified as follows (the classes are not mutually exclusive): features of human information processing; decision making models which are not mathematical models but rather are descriptive; non- personality factors influencing decision making; national characteristics influencing decision making; personality factors influencing decision making; decision making in a military organization. The decision maker is influenced by many factors both internal to the decision maker and external to him/her. The environmental context in which a decision is made makes it difficult to associate personality traits with specific decision making behavior. Internal factors that influence decision making include limited information processing and memory capabilities. These limitations can result in biases in processing information such as anchoring (undue weight for evidence supporting(the initial hypothesis) or recency (undue weight on more recent evidence). The limitations can also result in decision making heuristics. Training and experience can lessen the effects of limited information processing and memory capabilities. The first part of the report is a summary of the findings of the literature survey. This is followed by detailed endnotes concerning the references.
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