Crossing the technology adoption chasm in the presence of network externalities implications for DoD

Doctoral thesis OPEN
Schang, Suzanne L. (2007)
  • Publisher: Monterey, California. Naval Postgraduate School
  • Subject: Software engineering | Technology transfer | Armed Forces | Procurement

This thesis explores factors inhibiting technologies from crossing the technology diffusion "chasm" in between early and wide-scale adoption. It focuses on cost and benefit uncertainty as well as network effects applied to end-users and their organizations. Specifically, it explores Department of Defense (DoD) acquisition programs bringing promising technologies to the field defines successful technology adoption as realizing its full potential return on investment by achieving the widest potential warfighter use draws parallels between the private and public sectors" technology adoption experiences identifies recurring issues ultimately affecting end-user decisions to adopt new technology and provides a framework for future economics experiments to verify that the identified issues correspond to observed technology diffusion patterns. Recurring issues that inhibit technology diffusion include: (a) loss of control and autonomy (b) misperceptions about broader mission and organizational pressures (c) misaligned system incentives (d) uncertainty regarding management"s commitment (e) discontinuity of a program champion (f) uncertain availability of complementary goods Identifying, analyzing, verifying, and addressing these issues will facilitate technology transfer. If technology falls short of its diffusion potential then resources will be wasted and national security compromised if technology reaches its potential, then the warfighter will have the best available tools to do the job and DoD will achieve maximum return on investment of valuable public resources. US Navy (USN) author.
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