Tilt-up construction

Doctoral thesis English OPEN
Crompton, Richard E. (1992)
  • Publisher: Gainesville, Florida: University of Florida

CIVINS (Civilian Institutions) Thesis document Tilt-up construction is a special form of precast concrete construction. The technique is used for constructing buildings by prefabricating concrete wall sections (panels) in a horizontal position on either the building's floor slab or on a temporary casting slab. Once the wall sections have cured, they are tilted to a vertical position using a mobile crane, they are temporarily braced in their final upright position, and finally, they are tied into the building's roof and floor system to become an integral part of the finished structure. Tilt-up is a fast, simple, and economical technique of construction which, in the past, has been used most commonly on one-story buildings. Today, however, buildings as high as six stories are being cast and tilted into position http://archive.org/details/tiltupconstructi00crom CIVINS
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