The impact of the Type 094 ballistic missile submarine on China's nuclear policy

Doctoral thesis OPEN
Bell, Samuel D. (2009)
  • Publisher: Monterey, California. Naval Postgraduate School
  • Subject: Nuclear weapons | China | Nuclear submarines

Approved for public release, distribution unlimited This thesis examines the implication of China’s near completion of a viable nuclear triad. The objective is to determine first, how this submarine will fit into China’s no-first-use policy with regards to their nuclear weapons. And second, determine how advanced this weapon platform will be. With the introduction of multiple Type 094 “Jin” class ballistic missile submarines, has Beijing set the stage for a possible return to Cold War level anti-submarine warfare (ASW) operations by the United States? The Type 094 has been discussed at length in open source publications. This thesis advances those discussions by examining them in detail. Expected noise level, target sets, and class size are dissected and compared to historical data to verify the likelihood of mission tactics. This technical data, combined with a summary of the challenges faced in terms of submarine communications and control, will highlight Beijing’s decision to deploy this new technology conservatively or more ... to maximize the intended target set. Washington must view the Type 094 as a vast improvement over their single Type 092 “Xia” class ballistic missile submarine. Atrophied United States ASW assets must be upgraded to meet this new challenge. Outstanding Thesis US Navy (USN) author.
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