Investigation of E0, E1, E2, E3, and E4 giant resonances in the N=82 nucleus 140Ce between 4 and 48 MeV excitation energy with inelastic electron scattering

External research report OPEN
Hass, Hubert; Meyer, Daniel Harry; Buskirk, Fred R.; Dyer, J. N.; Pitthan, R.;
  • Publisher: Monterey, California, Naval Postgraduate School
  • Subject:
    arxiv: Nuclear Theory | Nuclear Experiment

natCe (89% 140Ce) has been measured with electrons of 80 and 92 MeV at 90 and 105* between 4 and 48 MeV excitation energy. The 9 resonances or resonance-like structures identified at E = 6 (31 A-1/3) MeV were classified on the basis of their momentum transfer dependenc... View more
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