Modularity of the MIT Pebble Bed Reactor for use by the commercial power industry

Doctoral thesis OPEN
Hanlon-Hyssong, Jaime E. (2008)

CIVINS (Civilian Institutions) Thesis document Approved for public release, distribution unlimited The Modular Pebble Bed Reactor is a small high temperature helium cooled reactor that is being considered for both electric power and hydrogen production. Pebble bed reactors are being developed in South Africa, China and the US. To make smaller 120 Mwe reactors economically competitive with larger 1500 Mwe traditional light water reactors changes in the way these plants are built are needed. Economies of production need to be sufficiently large to compete with economies of scale. MIT (Berte) has been working on developing a modular design and construction strategy for several years. This thesis builds on that work by demonstrating the technical feasibility of implementing the modularity approaches previously developed. Contract number: N62271-97-G-0026. CIVINS US Navy (USN) author.
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