Lanchester-Type Models of Warfare, Volume II

External research report OPEN
Taylor, James G. (1980)
  • Subject: attrition | monographs | combat operations | warfare | mathematical models | operations reserach | Lanchester type models | differential equations
    acm: ComputerApplications_COMPUTERSINOTHERSYSTEMS

This monograph is a comprehensive treatist on Lanchester-type models of warfare, i.e. differential-equation models of attrition in force-on-force combat operations. Its goal is to provide both an introduction to and current-state-of-the-art overview of Lanchester-type models of warfare as well as a comprehensive and unified in-depth treatment of them. Both deterministic as well as stochastic models are considered. Such models have been widely used in the United States and elsewhere for the modeling of force-on-force attrition over the complete spectrum of combat operations, from combat between platoon-sized units through theater-level air-ground combat. This material should be of interest primarily to individuals concerned with defense planning, quantitative aspects of military analysis, military OR, war gaming, or combat modelling, although it may also be of interest to the reader concerned with the modelling and analysis of other dynamic systems. It should also be of interest to the concerned citizen who is interested in the foundations for defense analysis and has the appropriate technical background.
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