Measuring systemic performance of the Lithuanian government

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Nakrošis, Vitalis (2008)
  • Journal: Lithuanian political science yearbook, volume 2,008, pages 111-142 (issn: 1392-9321)
  • Subject: Lithuania ; Effectiveness ; Efficiency ; Govermnaental institutions ; Governmental performance ; Performance indicators ; Public administration ; Public serveses

This paper seeks assessing the dynamics of Lithuania's governmental perfor­mance and comparing it to other countries. It draws on a simple logical model, linking the inputs of the government to its outputs and outcomes. It was found that performance of the Lithuanian government is average and even poor, if compared with the EU aver­age or such countries as Estonia and Ireland. This is despite the fact the public mode of production is rather expensive in Lithuania and the number of public employees is similar to the EU average. A few performance indicators have recently improved in Lithuania, but not as much as overall government expenditure since 2004. Therefore, the Lithu­anian Government should accord higher attention to efficiency and effectiveness of its performance. This is especially relevant in the sector of education, where there is a clear mismatch between a significant share of expenditure, a high number of employees and rather poor educational outcomes
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