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Kolegijos studentų savęs vertinimo ypatumai

Goštautas, Antanas; Grigaitė, Bronislava; Klasavičienė, Rima;
Open Access Lithuanian
  • Published: 01 Jan 2004 Journal: Pedagogika, volume 2,004, pages 33-37 (issn: 1392-0340, Copyright policy)
Self-esteem of college students of Lithuania was examined inadequately. Three researches were made and data of 228 students' answers were analyzed, 170 females and 58 males. It was found out that reduced self-esteem dominates among the female as well as male students. Having made the factorial analysis of the data, five main factors of self-esteem of males and females were found out. The legalized and not legalized drugs are used among males irrespectively of self-esteem. Females with low self-esteem use the drugs more frequently than females high and appropriate self-esteem. It was found out that low self-esteem has importance for worse evaluation of physical h...
Medical Subject Headings: humanitieseducationsocial sciencesbehavior and behavior mechanismsbehavioral disciplines and activities
free text keywords: Lithuania ; Self-esteem ; Incriase ; Decrease self-esteem ; Overestimale ; Psychotic

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