Relation between traumatic experience and post-traumatic symptomatics in Lithuanian Afghanistan war veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder

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Domanskaitė Gota, Vėjūnė; Gailienė, Danutė; Kazlauskas, Evaldas;
  • Journal: Psichologija,volume 2,009,pages7-18 (issn: 1392-0359)
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  • Subject: Lithuania ; post-traumatic stress disorder ; traumatic experience ; post-traumatic symptomatics ; Lithuanian Afganistan war veterans ; PTSD ; sub-clinical level of PTSD ; Lithuanian Afghanistan war veterans
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The aim of this paper is to assess what potential traumatic life-events and experiences are related to PTSD in the Lithuanian Afghanistan war veterans (N = 174). [...]. The following variables were investigated: demographics, traumatic life-events or conditions, PTSD an... View more
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