Current Issues with Multi-DOF Myoelectric Hand Prostheses and Indications for Testing Pattern Recognition Based Control

Conference object English OPEN
Franzke, AW; Bongers, RM, Pobatschnig, B; Unglaube, F; Kranzl, A; Murgia, A; Sluis, CK van der (2018)

Myoelectric prosthetic hands have advanced to multi functional, multi degree-of-freedom (DOF) devices. However, potential benefits and disadvantages of these prosthetic hands from user perspectives have seldom been addressed in the literature. Moreover, while pattern recognition (PR) myoelectric control has gained increasing attention in the literature and has been suggested as more intuitive control for multi-function prostheses, most state of the art myoelectric prostheses are still controlled via conventional control. Therefore knowledge is scarce with regard to performance of multi-function hands and PR control in everyday life of the user. This poster was also presented at the ISPO JAARCONGRES 2017 - “CAPE TOWN AAN DE VECHT” on 6th October 2017 in Houten, The Netherlands
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