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Gao, Yongqi (2017)
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<p>Presentation held at the HiMAC 2017 in Bejing, 3-4 March 2017 </p> <p><strong>About HiMAC2017</strong></p> <p>The conference will focus on the observations and understanding of the environmental changes in the "High Mountains and northern Cold Regions (HMCR)”, Delegates will discuss the scientific understanding about various environmental changes in High Mountains and northern Cold Regions, connect these changes between High Mountainous and northern Cold Regions, and discuss to foster an observation network and set up the Task Force on High Mountain and Cold Regions under 'Digital Belt and Road (DBAR)' program.</p> <p>The conference will be held over two days. The International Workshop will be held on 3rd, March; the working conference of DBAR Task Force on High Mountain and Cold Regions will be held in Morning of 4th, March; in the afternoon, the delegates will discuss the Essential Cold Region Variables task to support the Group on Earth Observations Cold Region Initiative (GEOCRI).</p> <p>Conference venue: C608, Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth, Chinese Academy of Sciences, New Technology Campus, Tangjialin, Haidian District, Beijing.</p>
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