Automatic Synchronization of Multi-user Photo Galleries

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Sansone, Emanuele; Apostolidis, Konstantinos; Conci, Nicola; Boato, Giulia; Mezaris, Vasileios; De Natale, Francesco G.B.;
  • Journal: IEEE Transactions on Multimedia, volume 19, issue 6, pages 1,285-1,298 (issn: 1520-9210, eissn: 1941-0077)
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  • Identifiers: doi: 10.1109/tmm.2017.2655446
  • Subject: Weighted Graph | Computer Science - Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition | Computer Science - Multimedia | Multimodal | Markov Networks | Multimedia Synchronization | Events

In this paper we address the issue of photo galleries synchronization, where pictures related to the same event are collected by different users. Existing solutions to address the problem are usually based on unrealistic assumptions, like time consistency across photo g... View more
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