The softpro project: Synergy-based open-source technologies for prosthetics and rehabilitation

Conference object English OPEN
Cristina Piazza; Manuel G. Catalano; Matteo Bianchi; Emiliano Ricciardi; Domenico Prattichizzo; Sami Haddadin; Andreas R. Luft; Olivier Lambercy; Roger Gassert; Eike Jakubowitz; Herman Van Der Kooij; Frederick Tonis; Fabio Bonomo; Benjamin de Jonge; Tomas Ward; Kristin D. Zhao; Marco Santello; Antonio Bicchi;

Robotics-enabled technologies for assistive and rehabilitative applications have gained an increasing attention, both in academic and industrial research settings, as a promising solution for human sensory-motor system recovery. However, many constraints remain that lim... View more
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