publication . Article . 2003

Structural studies of Li5ReO6, Li4NpO5 and Li5NpO6 by neutron and X-ray powder diffraction

Lester R. Morss; E. H. Appelman; R. R. Gerz; D. Martin-Rovet;
Open Access
  • Published: 21 Jun 2003
  • Publisher: Elsevier BV
Abstract This paper reports on the preparation of Li 5 ReO 6 , Li 4 NpO 5 and Li 5 NpO 6 by solid-state reactions, the results of X-ray and neutron powder diffraction measurements on all three compounds, and the determination of the structures of Li 5 ReO 6 and Li 4 NpO 5 from the neutron data. The neutron powder diffraction refinement for Li 5 ReO 6 confirms a recent single-crystal X-ray diffraction study: monoclinic, space group C 2/ m . This structure is retained by Li 5 ReO 6 between 298 K and 10 K. The neutron powder diffraction refinement for Li 4 NpO 5 confirms earlier X-ray powder diffraction results: tetragonal, space group I 4/ m , a=6.698 A , c=4.415 ...
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free text keywords: Mechanical Engineering, Materials Chemistry, Mechanics of Materials, Metals and Alloys, Powder diffraction, Monoclinic crystal system, Diffraction, Materials science, Neutron diffraction, X-ray crystallography, Crystal structure, Neutron, Space group, Crystallography
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