publication . Article . 1987

Allozyme Divergence Within the Canidae

Robert K. Wayne; Stephen J. O'Brien;
Open Access
  • Published: 01 Dec 1987
Protein products of 51 genetic loci were analyzed by gel electrophoresis using extracts of blood and tissue culture specimens from 12 of the 14 extant canid genera. Genetic distances were calculated and used to derive phenetic trees. The results suggest that the Canidae can be divided into several distinct groups. The wolf-like canids are a group that includes species in the genus Canis and Lycaon pictus (African wild dog). Speothos venaticus (Brazilian bush dog) is weakly associated with this group. Based on the calibration of a consensus tree with a fossil date, Canis mesomelas (black-backed jackal) and Speothos venaticus separated first, approximately 6 milli...
free text keywords: Genetics, Ecology, Evolution, Behavior and Systematics, Jackal, biology.animal, biology, Zoology, Nyctereutes, biology.organism_classification, Urocyon, Dusicyon, Vulpes, Speothos, Cerdocyon thous, Lycaon pictus
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