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RNA polymerase II clustering through CTD phase separation

Boehning, M.; Dugast-Darzacq, C.; Rankovic, M.; Hansen, A. S.; Yu, T.; Marie-Nelly, H.; McSwiggen, D.T.; Kokic, G.; Dailey, G. M.; Cramer, P.; ...
Open Access
  • Published: 05 Mar 2018
  • Publisher: Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
<strong>PALM imaging</strong> Six movies of ~ 50,000 frames were acquired for each condition at 30 ms/frame. The axial drift was corrected in real time with a perfect focus system. A cylindrical lens was added to the system to induce astigmatism in the point-spread function (PSF) of the optical setup. 300,000 detections were collected on average per movie. Single molecule detection and localization was performed with a modified version of the multiple-target tracking algorithm. The 3D position of single detection was inferred from the lateral elongation of the PSF. The lateral drift of the sample was corrected by using fluorescent beads (TetraSpeck microspheres)...
free text keywords: superresolution microscopy, PALM , SPT, Cell biology, Chemistry, Chromatin, Phosphorylation, CTD, Yeast, RNA polymerase, chemistry.chemical_compound, RNA polymerase II, biology.protein, biology, Transcription (biology), Gene
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