5GCity System Requirements and Use Cases (D2.1)

Report, Other literature type English OPEN
Guerra, Stefan; Di Bugno, Mauro; Falsiroli, Luca; Albanese, Antonino; Costa, Viscardo; Figuerola Fernandez, Sergi; Siddiqui, Shuaib; Betzler, August; Rokkas, Theodoros; Neokosmidis, Ioannis; Vignaroli, Luca; Pujals, David; Michelozzi, Andrea; Santos, Pedro; Ciulli, Nicola; Cruschelli, Paolo; Spada, Maria Rita; Viola, Andrea; Colom, Jordi; Diogo, Pedro; Paolino, Michele; Raho, Daniel; Pryor, Simon; Garcia, Antonio;

This deliverable describes the 5GCity Use Cases with their system requirements as the main outcome of task T2.1 which has the following objectives defines the Use Case scenarios provides descriptions of the Use Cases selected and the high-level specifications ... View more
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