Connecting Resources: Which Issues Have to be Solved to Integrate CMC Corpora from Heterogeneous Sources and for Different Languages?

Conference object English OPEN
Beißwenger, Michael; Wigham, Ciara; Etienne, Carole; Grumt Suárez, Holger; Herzberg, Laura; Darja Fišer; Hinrichs, Erhard; Horsmann, Tobias; Karlova-Bourbonus, Natali; Lemnitzer, Lothar; Longhi, Julien; Lüngen, Harald; Ho-Dac, Lydia-Mai; Parisse, Christophe; Poudat, Céline; Schmidt, Thomas; Stemle, Egon W.; Storrer, Angelika; Zesch, Torsten;

The paper reports on the results of a scientific colloquium dedicated to the creation of standards and best practices which are needed to facilitate the integration of language resources for CMC stemming from different origins and the linguistic analysis of CMC phenomen... View more
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