Suivi à long terme des habitats benthiques côtiers des îles Kerguelen : l’héritage de décennies de recherche en biologie marine

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Féral, Jean-Pierre; Poulin, Elie; González-Wevar, Claudio Alejendro; Améziane, Nadia; Guillaumot, Charlène; Develay, E.; Saucède, Thomas;
  • Publisher: Australian Antarctic Division
  • Identifiers: doi: 10.5281/zenodo.3249142, doi: 10.5281/zenodo.3249143
  • Subject: sub-Antarctic islands, climate change, frontal shifts, marine reserve, benthos monitoring, thermo recorders, settlement plots, artificial reefs, habitat mapping, scientific diving | settlement plots | [SDU.STU.OC]Sciences of the Universe [physics]/Earth Sciences/Oceanography | [SDV.EE.ECO]Life Sciences [q-bio]/Ecology, environment/Ecosystems | sub-Antarctic islands | marine reserve | scientific diving | benthos monitoring | habitat mapping | thermo recorders | artificial reefs | frontal shifts | [SDE.BE]Environmental Sciences/Biodiversity and Ecology | climate change

20 pages; International audience; In the current context of climate change, sea-surface temperature variation, sea level rise and latitudinal shifts of currents and hydrological fronts are expected to affect marine biodiversity of the sub-Antarctic Islands, particularly... View more
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